Ziteboard: egy magyar startup 50000 dollárt nyert (angol-en)

It seems that the success of Prezi not only showed that also small companies from Hungary can make it on the international market but also empowered young entrepreneurs to go out there and found businesses on their own. (source: inventures.eu)

One example is Ziteboard, a startup following the manner of creative solutions for drawing, presenting and brainstorming. Recently they won 50.000 dollars at CosHxLabs’ competition and talked to inventures.eu about how to win an international price and about their plans for the near future.

“We didn’t enter to win”

CosHxLabs’ competition gathers startups from all over the world and aims to encourage and support product launches. At the beginning, being one of the five finalists was just a means to an end for the startup: “The funny thing is that we didn’t enter to win but just wanted a bigger pool of early adopters as users. Bottom line: we got way much more,” said Richard, one of the co-founders of Ziteboard.


Even if the team was devoted to launch Ziteboard also without CosHxLabs’ help, it soon got clear that actually winning the prize will be a huge benefit for them. “You should have lots of social media presence and a pool of supporters which we’ve just started building,” Richard explained their winning approach.

With the money they not only were able to make organizational arrangements towards their product launch but also gained two developers and a designer who started working on their project. “We’ve already used up all the 50.000 we got. Smart money spent wisely.”

Product launch next week

Ziteboard created a tool that saves the creative process of brainstorming. This makes it possible to access your lines of thoughts again on digital a device instead of littering them like a flip chart. The team of three created a solution that aims to be an easy to use service independent from the device you are using. “We follow closely what Prezi does and learn a lot from them.

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One thought on “Ziteboard: egy magyar startup 50000 dollárt nyert (angol-en)

  • 2014. július 8. kedd at 12:19

    I’ve been using prezi.com for quite a time now, and found it very useful if you have time to prepare a presentation in advance. However if you’d like to start an ad hoc presentation or a brainstorming (typical job for a white-board) you will find it very annoying, that there is nothing useful in the digital world which could replace the white-board not only in presentation rooms but also when the participants are not in the same place. So I have high expectations of this new tool and can’t wait to test it soon, I think there is a high need for a tool like this.


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