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Insiderblog.hu is a web magazine covering news, events and succesful stories about hungarian startup community. It’s a so called “hungarian TechCrunch”.

We collect relevant startup stories, industry news and try to cover all the startup events in our country, especially in Budapest. But we’re covering some CEE events and news too.

We publish our posts in hungarian, but we already have english content at our partner sites:


and at


The idea of Insiderblog came from Csaba Miskolczy (alias Prospero) the founder of the well known Hungarian Startup Underground conference (SUU).

The blog is edited by Gábor Halaska (alias HGabor, email: gabor (point) halaska (at sign) gmail.com) the editor of the ICT colum of Figyelő – the leading business weekly magazine of Hungary. The co-editor is Péter Bucsky (alias Bucsky, email: peter (point) bucsky (at sign) gmail.com) who is working also for Figyelő and he is in charge for R&D.

Tamás Turcsán has also have a key role in our team. He is an organiser of startup life in Budapest. He had created the Hungarian kickstarter-stlye financing site indulj.be. He also created a website to encoruge startup enterpreneurs: startupper.hu.

The former correspondent to Moscow and other cities around the globe for the Hungarian Press Agency (MTI) Róbert Széles is delivering unique information for us about the eastern markets.

We also get support from Sándor Vida since 2012 who represented Hungary at UNESCO’s Paris office formerly and writes for Hungarian business press. János Devecsai, journalist for National Geographic Hungary is also helping us out with news and reports.

Our international orientation is supported by Tamás Milhofer – he works in Stockholm and Göteborg in Sweden. As he has contact to numerous telecom companies there can keep us updated with the newest trends.

Thanks to Krisztina Novák project magnager we have created the first and only Hungarian Startup Database.

We also have extensive, strong partnerships in the hungarian startup ecosystem, as you see below.







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  • 2012. július 10. kedd at 18:10


    My name is Katherine Long and I came across your site after searching for people that have referenced or mentioned Facebook’s revenue. I am part of a team of designers and researcher that put together a graphic that illustrates the decline of Facebook’s ad revenue and stock price, while highlighting the concerns it presents. I thought you might be interested so I wanted to reach out.

    If this is the correct email and you’re interested in using our content, I’d be happy to share it with you. :)

    Thank you,

    Katherine Long

  • 2013. július 8. hétfő at 21:38

    Gratulálok a komplex kommunikációs és szakmai csatornákhoz.
    Miután pár anyagot gyors-olvasva megnéztem pár Kamaránk által készített anyagot ajánlok figyelmetekbe, ha van pár percetek. Igazolni kívánom aktivitásainkat és eredményeinket Pécsett – Dél-Dunántúlon.
    Ízelítőül. További jó munkát. Rabb Szabolcs, Pécs, PBKIK


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